The Professionals - The PH Heating Engineers Team

Excellence and Professionalism 

Obviously by being so professional and only using quality products we cannot always compete on price  with others who are not as professional not as qualified and use inferior products, however by choosing PH Heating you are getting so much more ie:- peace of mind that you are getting the very best in advice, superior reliable equipment, a fitting team that is highly qualified professional and respectful to your property, an aftercare service second to none, all backed up by a family company with a massive reserve of experience in the plumbing and heating industry.

Personalised Approach

We pride ourselves in a solid reliable professional installation and in order to achieve this we have always used superior equipment (we are still servicing boilers we installed in our early years of trading), equipment that lasts the test of time such as the Viessmann range of boilers where we are able through Viessmann to give a five year guarantee with a ten year guarantee against corrosion of the main heat exchanger, something which speaks for itself.

Heating Control

Although choice of boiler manufacture and model are important issues when considering heating your home,  the choice of control is just as important, obviously your boiler needs to be programmed to come on and off to your requirements but these days controls can do much more. For instance most of our gas installations are fitted with a radio programmable room thermostat which not only selects times on and off but controls the room temperature, all this via an outside weather compensator which optimises the boiler efficiency ,all this without any wires, so no unsightly trunking or spoilt decor, plus the control can be fitted in exactly the correct position for you the customer and efficiency.

This new generation of controls can sometimes make people feel nervous, however once fitted and set up properly can run your system day in day out without interference and at the same time cutting your heating costs considerably,we have many customer testimonials to this effect.

Add to this individual radiator thermostats to some heating spaces ie:-rooms with special requirements such as bedrooms, kitchens and rooms with alternative heat sources and it all adds up to an installation that is very efficient and self governing.

The Heating co. that can get to you in the snow!

As the winters of the past years have grown more severe PH Heating engineers have invested in 4x4 vehicles, so we can reach our customers when they need us the most.